Reefer & DGR cargo


we understand there's no margin for error when shipping perishable commodities—whether they be frozen, chilled or simply temperature controlled in an insulated container. That's why we combine state-of-the-art reefer equipment with experts in the field to provide you with the most reliable refrigerated cargo transportation services available today

We have evolved into a worldwide logistics and ocean transport organization dedicated to providing our customers with tailor-made transportation solutions. One of our special areas of expertise is the transportation of temperature-controlled cargoes. Refrigerated cargo (reefer cargo) is one of the most important commodity groups carried on vessels. Due to its perishable nature, special procedures are in place to handle this cargo, from packing plant to final destination

High value, sensitive reefer cargo, from the pharmaceutical, chemical or healthcare industries requires particularly careful handling by an especially reliable partner. Here we offer not only our modern equipment and our extensive experience, but also special internal processes that give extra protection to your high value cargo.

We aim to offer our customers the latest reefer equipment technologies in order to guarantee optimal transport conditions for perishable cargo.

DGR Cargo

Transport of dangerous goods needs to be regulated in order to prevent breaches of safety and security not only for our vessels and crews but also for the protection of the environment .All the dangerous and hazardous goods has to be compulsorily pass through the
The IMDG Code which is the official legal document of the maritime transport of dangerous goods and marine pollutants,
we ensures that they are safe to be transported and they will not create any hazard activity during the transportation.

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